Monster Invaders

Monster Invaders 1.2.3

Game about monsters invading galaxies

The Monster Invaders software is a game program that provides amusement to anyone who plays it. The game has monsters that control the virtual universe and your objective as a player is to defeat each of them.

The Monster Invaders game lets you control a specialized supersonic UFO ship to help you destroy the monsters so you can restore peace in the galaxy.

This game has winged monsters you have to face before you meet the Master Monsters. The Monster Invaders objective is to recapture the moons the monsters control.

While doing that, you have to avoid deadly fireballs the creature throws at you. The moment you advance further in the game, you get bonus rounds in the asteroid fields.

The Monster Invaders software lets you load 15 music tracks to play while enjoying the game and has 3 levels of difficulty. You can use your keyboard or joystick.

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Monster Invaders


Monster Invaders 1.2.3

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